Duct Cleaning Glasgow

Clydeside Industrial Cleaning are duct cleaning  specialists and we provide duct cleaning services to clients all over Glasgow and Scotland. Over time, your kitchen extraction system can build up thick layers of grease. Grease extraction duct work if not kept clean poses a substantial fire risk. Grease can fuel a fire and spread throughout an extract system and into other areas of the building.
Extractor fan cleaning is a legal requirement and workplaces must carry out a risk assessment of extraction cleaning once every 3-12 months depending on usage.

A professional clean needs to be carried out to ensure you pass the current legislation. Clydeside Industrial Cleaning will visit the premises and provide a full duct cleaning inspection and filter cleaning to ensure maximum safety and compliance for your building.

Why should I have my kitchen extract system cleaned?

  • To maintain ventilation efficiency.
  • To comply with insurance and fire regulations.
  • To eliminate risk of dangerous accidents.

Cleaning your fan regularly means a cleaner kitchen. Insurance companies require evidence that a deep clean has been carried out on your kitchen extraction system and insurers may not always pay a claim if the duct system was found to be the cause of the fire spreading. Especially if it can be demonstrated that the system was not properly cleaned in accordance with their policy conditions or warranties.

Why choose us for duct cleaning in Glasgow?

  • Free advice on best cleaning schedule practices and how to clean.
  • Free estimates provided for initial clean and scheduled cleaning.
  • 24 hour service ensuring there is minimal disruption to your business.
  • You will receive a completion certificate to comply with your insurance policy.

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