Refrigeration Case Cleaning Glasgow

Clydeside Industrial Cleaning carry out all types of refrigeration case cleaning whether it’s a basic well clean or a full hygiene clean.

Case Cleaning Scotland

We will deactivate any alarms and isolate the refrigeration cabinet, then all deck pans, baffles, honey comb filters, & fans will be removed for cleaning, we then use wet and dry vacuums to remove any debris from inside the case, the evaporator is then de-iced and cleaned to remove any ice that has built up over time, the case in then carefully washed and vacuumed along with the drains before the clean pans, baffles and fans are replaced.

Clydeside Industrial Cleaning provide regular cabinet maintenance and cleaning as is very important simply because ice can form very quickly preventing the cabinet from keeping the correct temperature, drain lines need to be kept clear to prevent the build up debris which can cause blockages and possible leaks, drains & condensate trays can form a breeding ground for bacteria which then poses a heath & safety risk for staff and customers.

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